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Jack W. Bak – Product Owner Security Testing Group Services at ING Nederland

I can recommend everyone listed on LinkedIn Ben Ernsting from ITSync. He has a natural eye for talent and he’s able to filter the important aspect during a 5 minutes interview. He has remarkable listener skills and is able to search in his wide network the expert I am looking for.

He is very effective, works very fast and Ben’s delivering the promise!!

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Rudi Coetzee Senior Security Specialist at ING Nederland

I found ITSync to be very knowledgeable and skillful in business, they’re a friendly and very resourceful company which you want in your team to get any job done.

Ben is reliable and punctual, which is an asset in today’s business world.

He will be a great asset to any company

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Marco Van Ringelestijn – WebSphere Engineer at NN

Ben is a reliable and transparent personality. He first introduced me at ING, which was a good match. During this period he continued maintain close contact on certain matters, which gave me a good feeling.

Also he gave me good advice concerning my own business.

Ben is not a recruiter only, he takes care about the people he works with

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Nick Doornebosch – Security Specialist – Security Operations Center at Belastingdienst / CIE

Ben is a honest and straight forward manager who does what he says. Promises are kept and ITSync rather go’s the extra mile than slack of

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Mark Vroegop – ODSM at ING OPS & IT

I herewith recommend ITSync for their intervention to what they have contributed to my transfer to the ODSM role at ING. With expertise and knowledge of the organization and the knowledge of Service Management in general, ITSync has contributed a lot to my next career step.

Ben works as an IT resourcing specialist on a professional, highly motivated and effective manner. He has excellent credentials with the ING for staffing the ODSM role of the IT department. During his work for the ING he interviewed me and also informed me with an open an structured way. Ben’s understanding of the business made him an excellent partner and trustworthy source to talk to. Ben is honest, reliable, and was always willing to help out in finding the details required for the job finding the best match for both parties.

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Yvette de Vries – Beheerder at Sense4IT

I’ve have come to known ITSync as a very trustworthy and reliable business partner. Clear communication and swift payments.

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Murat Sürün – Solution designer

I enjoyed doing business with ITSync. They have a personal approach and are involved. I look forward to do business with them again.

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Ruud Mans – Service Level Manager at ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

Ben is the prototype of an excellent sales manager. Always searching for the right fit between his men/women and the job. It may seem that sometimes the situation is chaotic, but that is all due to the fact that he’s exploring various possibilities just to get you on the right position.

Ben is there in good times and he is there in bad times, always willing to talk about what the job-future can/may bring.

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Frank Loose – IT Consultant

In a highly competitive market ITSync succeeds to find a unique value add position for their services. Their drive to find the right candidate are above and beyond regular level of service. Quick on the ball to correct mistakes, Ben is not afraid to take responsibility.

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Falco Paul – Senior Principal at Infosys Consulting

In contracting, you don’t meet a lot of agents that turn out to be totally reliable over and over again. It’s even more rare if you hear this same story over and over again from fellow contractors.

One of these rare companies is in fact ITSync. I contacted ITSync and I was invited by Ben for an initial meet & greet. Immediately, I was struck by the fact how agile Ben operated in his approach with both client and contractor. ITSync is able to make a deal work for all involved parties by creating a fair and level open playing field.

Apart for such fine qualities, Ben is also just a very nice person to be around with. He is genuinely interested in your problems/worries/excitement (whatever it is in fact), and listens to what you have to say.

All in all, I can fully recommend ITSync!

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